Prevent Your Elevators From Becoming A Germs Spreading Machine!

Prevent Your Elevators From Becoming A Germs Spreading Machine!

Frequently disinfecting everything has become the new normal. But, people often get confused about how to get their lifts disinfected regularly. Being one of the most reliable escalator companies in UAE, we take every concern related to elevators seriously and believe in solving all your issues. Morris Elevators understands that lifts got discovered to make your lives easy and not bring any problems. One of the common issues that an elevator can bring to you is infections and germs. Your lifts must get disinfected regularly to prevent the transmission of diseases and germs. But, how? 

Before this, let us see why you need it.


The importance of disinfecting the elevators

A quick fact is more than enough to understand its importance. Researchers suggest that a commercial lift button houses nearly 40x higher bacteria than a public toilet seat. Although the time we spend in the elevator's cab is significantly less, it takes only pressing a button to spread pathogens. Hence, to prevent the spread of illness-causing germs, frequent disinfection of elevators is crucial. 


A guide to keeping the elevators safe from germs

Disinfection of elevators can get divided into two parts- Disinfecting wall panels, doors, handrails and disinfecting the button panels. 


1. Disinfecting wall panels, doors, handrails- Lifts come with instructions by manufacturers for cleaning. So, start with cleaning the surfaces using your cleaning solution. The doors and handrails require cleaning based on their material. While cleaning the panels with electric components, one must be extra careful and follow the below-given tips. 

  • Use delicate, spray-on cleaners. 
  • Use a disposable paper towel or microfiber cloths instead of a sponge for wiping. It is because sponges can hold onto germs and spread them. 
  • Use cleaner and water wisely as they can drip down the walls and cause damage to the electrical components of elevators. 
  • Bleach-based cleaners can react with polycarbonate fixtures. Hence, avoid their use. 


2. Disinfecting button panels- First thing to do before cleaning the button panels is to lock the ascenseur. Below are some other safety measures you must take while cleaning button panels. 

  • Use a microfiber cloth for cleaning. 
  • Avoid alcohol-based cleaners on the buttons, as they can damage and discolour the lacquered materials used in buttons.
  • If your elevator does not contain lacquered material, you can use low concentration alcohol-based cleaners. 
  • Avoid spraying the cleaners directly over the panels and buttons. Instead, first, apply them to the cloth.


The above steps get suggested by all reputed escalator companies in Abu Dhabi. Hence, do not let your lifts spread any more diseases and start cleaning them regularly. Contact us today if you are looking for elevators or a dumb waiter