We are Morris

Morris Elevators, is one of the leading Lift Manufactures in UAE. All things are subject to change. With the help of Morris Elevators, you can see a change in every aspect of your lifts and escalators. We at Morris Elevators are a team of brilliant engineers who collaborate with utmost sincerity and passion for transforming the current business scenario by following in the footsteps of leading industry innovators. Through our dedication and a strong commitment to meeting the specific needs of our clients, we can manufacture global standard customized equipment, which also guarantees the utmost satisfaction for our clients. We work hard to fulfill the dreams of our customers by elevating their elevator experience to greater heights. Morris, Lift Manufactures in UAE strives hard to update our venture and bring new trends and standards in the industry to lead in the competition. We analyze our customer's primary needs and requirements and customize our service accordingly to bring the best output. We never compromise on the quality of our service, timely installation of lifts and escalators, and the service after installation.

Morris Elevators, Home Lift Solutions in UAE provides solutions for both commercial and personal elevators. We value our customers through our service by providing reliable and professional services. Morris, Lift Manufacturers in UAE we provide services like maintenance, installation, and modernization of all kinds of lifts and escalators with well-qualified and experienced technicians. We also provide emergency services like replacing worn and damaged parts with modern reliable equipment. The Morris team focuses on achieving the lowest downtime possible for all service work, and the company is dependable throughout the project and during after-sales service. We deliver service without compromising the quality and productivity of our elevators.

What do we do?

Our Mission

Our mission is to enrich our customers' lives by continuously innovating our ideas, methods, and business processes to deliver valuable customer experiences with the utmost integrity and social responsibility.

Our Vision

There is little doubt that Morris Elevators will be one of the most reliable, technologically advanced, and highly competitive corporations in the UAE.