How Much Time Gets Required to Install or Remodel An Elevator?

How Much Time Gets Required to Install or Remodel An Elevator?

While getting a new elevator or remodelling the existing ones, several aspects need to get evaluated. If you want to get the best lifts from elevator companies in Dubai, you must know every little detail about the process of buying or getting them remodelled. Questions like- Is it economical? How much time will the process require? might come to your mind. Do not neglect them and get your answers. 

If you are unsure about the required installation time, continue reading to know what factors affect it. 

  1. The structures- One of the first factors that affect the period required for installing an elevator is the building where it is getting installed. If you are buying elevators for an already existing building, then some improvements might get required. The adopted code requirements and jurisdiction might also ask for some change in the building to meet the needs. Elevator companies in Al Ain take time to install lifts depending on the onsite assessment of a building's condition. It also gets noted that a shorter structure takes less time than a taller one. For structures getting constructed, it must be made sure that they will be able to support and meet the needs of elevators.


  1. Installation Process- If the installation needs to get done from scratch, a concrete pit must get poured. The requirements for the foundation and the reinforcement of the pit depend on several factors, such as State or local regulations and the condition of the soil under the structure. The dimensions of the pit vary by project, but a rough average for the thickness of the pit wall is 8 to 12 inches for floors. You must also pay attention to safety measures when installing an elevator. Smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and sprinklers must get installed around or in the elevator following local regulations. Also, the water released by sprinklers can be dangerous in terms of electricity in itself. So you need to make sure that they get integrated with the electrical systems. It is also crucial to install a telephone line for emergencies. After all safety requirements get met, the local code enforcer or a third-party elevator inspector should get called in to examine the finished product. If he thinks it's a code, the elevator can get used. All of this can take a generous amount of time, and often architects and engineers may be needed to approve the drawings and documents. 


  1. Every job is unique- Even if you hire elevator companies in Sharjah for this job, you must remember that the installation process for each lift is different and has its own set of obstacles.